Sugar Daddy is Dublin’s new concept Barber Shop that respects the heritage of classic barbering. We caught up with Rob Barrett – Master Barber and Shaver for an exclusive Q&A and mini photo shoot with the S.D team!


1. Tell us a bit about Sugar Daddy, Dublin? (The vibe, the team, the style)

Sugar Daddy is Dublin’s newest high-end offering for guys who love to be treated like a gentleman whilst having their hair cut. The vibe in the salon is very much based around the classic barber shop but with a modern twist. At any time there could be guys being shaved, having their hair cut, being waxed or even having their shoes shined to a classic soul/funk/disco vibed sound track. The team is the perfect mix of experience, enthusiasm and professionalism. Which is one of our strongest selling points for all of our clients.

2. What set you guys apart from the crowd? Original Penguin is all about #BeAnOriginal – what makes Sugar Daddy original?

What sets us apart from most other barber shops or male salons is the experience our clients enjoy. We treat everyone like a gent and offer everyone a selection of beverages from our Prizefight Whiskey / 5 Lamps bar. There are quite a few shops who have followed our lead in this department but we are certainly the original!!

3. Have you seen a shift in men’s grooming in the last few years?

The biggest shift in men’s grooming over the past few years has been the development of the facial hair and the over all acceptance of the beard. This has brought about a flourishing side industry of beard care for the beard wearer.

4. What are your tips for getting the perfect haircut? Is it all down to the barber?

For your perfect hair cut what is suggest is that you educate yourself just enough so that you can confidently communicate what you’re looking for. Whether it’s knowing what style you want, or even getting into the technical side of things…i.e. Blade number, shape, texture, or fade type. We also encourage our clients to find a picture of the style they are looking for. This can offer the barber the perfect reference point.

5. How often should men be visiting the barber?

The frequency of visits can often be determined by the style. If you love to have your hair super clean and tight then you may need to visit your barber every other week. Most guys come to us every 3 weeks.

6. What beard products should every man own?

For the beard wearers amongst us, the absolute must haves are oil, balm and a soft bristled brush. The skin is the most important aspect of the beard. Healthy skin grows healthy hair! So a good moisturiser is a must!

7. Do you think fashion and slick barbering go hand in hand?

A great hair cut no matter what your fashion style is, is still a great hair cut!! A great haircut can make every fashion choice look great!





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