A barber, a craftsman, an experience provider. The red, white and blue barber poles that adorn most barbershops, are a symbol of an age old craft and links a boy to his neighbourhood right through until manhood.

Behind every single barbershop there’s always one ethos that links every one of them together. Providing a top-quality haircut and experience for the client. Something that is at the forefront of our minds in Sugar Daddy Barbers.


That’s also certainly the case for Scouts Barbershop, located in East Nashville. One of our squad members, was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to the states earlier this month and came across this gem.

Decor wise, the shop is nothing short of spectacular, with an old woodsman vibe throughout, mixed with modern furnishings. A very cool guy called Conor, was working reception and handing out the nicest neighbourhood craft beers.


Bookings and walk-ins were both welcomed, if you didn’t mind the wait a little. A comfortable waiting area stacked with books and magazines were available, or you could peruse the shops retail section with heritage brands like Freenote Cloth, Rogue Territory, and Chippewa Boots.

A nice fellow called Jamie brought me to my section and talked me through what we we’re going to do. I was just in for a tidy, around the back and sides, but never-the-less Jamie spent as much time on me as he would any other client, with the same attention to detail.


Jamie had some great tips about the area and seeing as we were comrades by the end of the service, Jamie decided not to charge me, to my surprise. Of course he was well tipped and well regarded!

If you’re heading stateside to Tennessee, Scouts come highly recommended from Sugar Daddy Barbers

Ian | Sugar Culture

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Connecting Barbers – Scouts East Nashville